Rolfing Can Help You Eliminate Running Induced Aliments

Running is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery of outside, condition your body and increase your endurance, all of which are favorable benefits for your health. Even with all these benefits, running can also cause issues for some people. Leg and knee pain are just two of the issues that often present themselves. Combating these ailments so that you can continue to run is important. Fortunately, Rolfing can help.

What is Rolfing?

Your first, and most important, question is likely – what is Rolfing? In the simplest of terms, Rolfing is a holistic treatment that is intended to return the body to a state of near perfect alignment, a position more technically known as optimum structure. This process is achieved through an intense massage treatment that focuses on your connective tissues within the myofascial layer of your body.

Connective tissues are responsible for keeping your muscles in their correct position, or aligned. Rolfing is generally performed over the course of several sessions and by focusing specifically on this group of tissues, your body can gradually be manipulated and realigned.

How is Rolfing Different From a Traditional Massage?

Your next concern is probably understanding how Rolfing differs from a traditional massage. The easiest way to answer this would be the fact that Rolfing is a medical technique. Traditional massages are generally designed as more of a relaxation or stress relieving treatment. However, this form of medical massage has been specifically designed to treat pain that has been caused due to an imbalance (misalignment) within the tissues.

Rolfing and Your Running Induced Aliments

Lastly, how can Rolfing help with your running-induced ailments? To fully understand this, you first need to understand how running causes pain within the body. Each time you run, your feet slam down on the pavement. This slamming movement sends somewhat of a shock-wave or jolting motion throughout the body that is heavily concentrated within your lower extremities.

This jolting movement slowly causes your muscles and tissues to adjust and shift. The more often you run, the more out of alignment your body becomes, leading to chronic pain. Since you can't exactly prevent your muscles and tissues from shifting when running, regular Rolfing treatments can at least help to realign your tissues to keep your body aligned and reduce pain.

You don't have to eliminate running to live a more pain-free life. For more information about Rolfing or other treatments, contact The Healing Center or a similar location.