How to Find Relief From Back Pain During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can either feel like the best thing in the world or it can feel like your body has been totally defeated by your growing baby. While the miracle of a growing baby is enough to celebrate, morning sickness and back pain can really make those 9 months feel a little bit brutal. If you are suffering from a lot of lower or upper back pain during your pregnancy then there may be a few things that you can do to ease any pressure on your joints. 

Chiropractic care

Visiting a chiropractor when you're pregnant may not sound feasible, but actually it may help you relive pain on your back, parts of your abdomen, and even on your pelvic bones. During your visit with your chiropractor, they will perform a variety of pregnancy safe moves to help you finally find comfort. By making small, but meaningful adjustments across your body, you can hopefully feel a little bit more restful when you sleep or even when you're walking around. Just make sure that when you are seeing a chiropractor that you not only visit them frequently but that they also take your type of insurance as well. 


In addition to visiting a chiropractor for your back pain, also consider getting regular prenatal massages. During your prenatal massage, your masseuse will typically either massage you while you're lying on your back or they may also prop your belly up on a pregnancy massage pillow which essentially just holds your belly so they can work on your back. When used in conjunction with chiropractic care, massage can help alleviate tension and soreness caused by hormones and pregnancy. 

Warm Compress

While having a hot compress on your back may not be encouraged by your obstetrician, placing a slightly warm compress on your lower and upper back may do the trick. To really monitor how much heat you are putting on your back, consider using a heating pack and only keep it on the lowest setting. Just make sure to never place a heat back on your abdomen or near the baby because it can raise their heart rate. 

One of the most frustrating things about pregnancy is that you're not able to do a lot of things for pain or take ibuprofen. However, by using things like chiropractors, a masseuse, and a heat pack, you can hopefully start to enjoy your pregnancy a little bit more.