Swim And Splash Your Way To Better Back Health

Contending with back pain can make you feel as though staying in bed and trying to sleep the day away is your only choice. Instead of being sedentary, get up and make a pledge to take action. Part of your commitment to action involves contacting a chiropractic clinic like Dorchester Chiropractic Inc and booking an adjustment. One or more treatments can help put your body back into its proper alignment to reduce your pain and restore the quality of life that has been suffering because of the pain. The second part of your commitment to action is as simple as finding a pool in your community and using the water as a foundation for pain-reducing exercises. Here are two ways that water-based exercises can be beneficial.

Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are effective to pursue when you have back pain, but land-based activities such as jogging can often create a painful impact to your joints. The water, conversely, provides a buoyancy that cushions your joints and allows you to exercise without experiencing pain. Activities such as swimming in the deep end of the pool and walking across the shallow end to increase your heart rate which, in turn, improves your circulation. Increased circulation has a healing effect on the body and can provide quicker relief if you have sore back muscles. It's important to always find a water-based cardio activity that suits your fitness level and doesn't cause further back pain.

  • Tip: Twisting swim strokes such as the front crawl, for example, can occasionally lead to discomfort. Instead, it's better to focus on a twist-less stroke such as the breaststroke.

Resistance Training

Instead of hitting the gym to use free weights and weight machines to provide resistance, use the swimming pool's water for this purpose. Movement in the pool is slower than on land because the water is constantly pushing against you. A wide variety of resistance-training exercises can strengthen your postural muscles, which helps you avoid slouching and further worsening your back pain. One approach that many people take is to strengthen their abdominal muscles. Stronger abs aren't just about looking good; strength in this area can help you maintain a healthy, upright posture and avoid the painful side effects of slouching.

  • Tip: To strengthen your abs in the water, lie on your back, place your heels and calves on the edge of the pool deck and pull your torso upward in a movement similar to a land-based sit-up.