The Benefits Of Undergoing Physical Therapy For Spinal Adjustments

Your typical workday may not be so kind to your spinal column. Tasks, such as heavy lifting and repeated bending, may take a toll on your vertebrae and ligaments. You may suffer from frequent backaches and debilitating migraines that leave you unable to carry out your normal routine.

Instead of taking long days off from work or simply living with the pain, you can seek out treatment that includes adjustments to your spinal column. These advantages come with undergoing physical therapy designed to relieve pain and improve movement throughout your neck and back.

Avoiding Surgery

One of the main reasons to undergo physical therapy that includes adjustments to your back and neck involves avoiding the need to go through surgery. When you suffer from frequent thrown out discs, for example, you may think that your only remedy is to have the ruptured discs removed or pinned back into place.

However, you do not need to undergo invasive surgery on your neck or back to relieve the pain that comes with dislocated or ruptured discs. You can instead undergo adjustments that allow the chiropractor to move your discs back into position. These adjustments can include the use of massage therapy or suspension and traction to pull and pop the spine back into place.

Avoiding Pain Medication Use

Another reason to undergo physical therapy that includes adjustments to your spine involves avoiding the need to use powerful over-the-counter or prescription pain medications. You may think that the only way to find fast relief from your pain is to take medications that can cause sleepiness, upset stomach, dizziness, and other side effects. The medications can also be addictive and cause you to become reliant on them.

Rather than risk these potential side effects, you can have your physical therapy provider perform adjustments to your neck and spine. Physical therapy can provide fast relief from pain and limited movement in your spinal column. You have no need then to take medications to find relief from your pain.

These advantages are a couple that go along with undergoing physical therapy for your back and neck pain. You can get adjustments made to your ligaments and vertebrae that pop your discs back into place. You do not have to worry about undergoing surgery to find relief from pain and limited movement. You also avoid having to take medications that can cause side effects.