Decompression Therapy For Your Back Pain Could Be The Way To Avoid Surgery And Reduce Painkillers

If you're having back or hip pain that keeps you from doing the activities you enjoy, talk to a chiropractor about decompression therapy. This therapy is suitable for certain types of back pain, such as disc problems, and if your chiropractor thinks it's a good match for you, you could experience pain relief without the need for surgery or painkilling medication. Here's how decompression therapy works.

You'll Use A Therapy Table

Your chiropractor uses a decompression therapy table for the treatments. This table is controlled by a computer after the chiropractor inputs things like your weight and the area of your back to be targeted. You'll be strapped to the table so your lower body moves when the table moves. The movements are precise, so your spine opens and takes pressure off of the painful area. This could provide immediate pain relief.

The table also moves your body in such a way that the pressure lowers along your spine so fluid can rush into the area. The fluid fills the discs to help with healing since the fluid carries nutrients and oxygen. If you get relief from this therapy, you might be able to avoid a surgical decompression procedure.

You'll Probably Need Multiple Treatments

Decompression therapy involves multiple treatment sessions. Multiple treatments are needed to help with tissue repair and also to provide ongoing pain relief. The treatments are spaced far enough apart that you might be in treatment over a period of weeks or months. However, it takes time for injured discs to heal, and the treatments support healing in the initial phase and throughout the therapy.

You Might Have Other Treatments Too

Decompression therapy might be done alone, but your chiropractor might recommend other treatments too. Physical therapy might be indicated so you can strengthen your core muscles and support your spine in a better posture. You might have massage treatments, spinal adjustments, and other therapies as needed to ensure your back heals properly and so you're not still at risk of further injury when your treatments are completed. The additional treatments help with your healing and the strengthening of your back so you can reduce your need for pain medications when possible.

Decompression therapy is usually gentle, so you don't need to fear making your pain worse during the treatment. Your chiropractor knows how to provide the therapy and other treatments so you can undergo the sessions without pain. If you ever feel pain when you're undergoing chiropractic care, let the doctor know. This helps the doctor understand your condition better and also alerts them that you might need gentle care until your healing is underway.